Stating the Obvious

24 Jun

I need to update this thing… hopefully will get back in the groove with it soon! 🙂


Here are some quick updates (alot has changed since my last post!)

  • Recently joined Cache Bake Shoppe as their Retail & Marketing Coordinator- Have an birthday, anniversary or need treats just because? Stop by and see me!
  • Zoey is still as crazy as ever- already 4 years old and a joy in my life everyday! Check out my Instagram feed for non-stop photos of her!
  • I’m still lucky enough to call Brent my boyfriend… love him more and more each day (sorry to be mushy but it’s true)
  • Des Moines is home. I never thought I’d live in the big city, but this big city is a small town! I love the quirky little areas, great events and people! Don’t worry friends and family in Armstrong.. I’ll always call you my hometown, who says you can’t have two!
  • Nephew Miles is growing too fast.. get his updates here. He’s practicing my name everyday and I can’t wait until he says “Hey, Vern” when I answer Face Time or see his smiling face! (Nicholas and Kara are great too!)
  • Matty & Dr. Kristen are back in Ames, a town we all love, living with the 2 hounds, the 3 kitties, AND the 2 hens!
  • Mom & Dad are busy with retirement, the lake and Miss Emma, their doodle. She keeps them busy by playing keep me out of the pond daily. (She’s a white doodle,  you can imagine the mess if she swims in the pond- I think the girl is telling them she wants a dye job!)

Check back soon for some real content…. hopefully!



24 Jan

I’m working on getting some content lined-up for my blog, as I miss blogging! Until I get some posts up, be sure to check out my updates to the All About Krystal tab. I’ve started sharing about a new chapter in my life on the One Blind Date page… it’s an exciting chapter I’ll continue to update over the next few weeks!

New content to look forward to…

  • Babies! No, I’m not expecting… I’m instead spoiling my nephew Miles. Be ready for photos, photos and more photos!
  • Gluten Free! I’m almost a year into this journey and finally getting a hang of things. I’m hoping to share recipes, products to try and more!
  • Zoo! My work is literally a zoo every day. I’m excited to share what is happening with my job at Blank Park Zoo. (Brent says to expect more bad jokes too!)
  • Pins! Pinterest is my newest addiction, so I’ll be sharing my great finds with you.
  • And of course more…

Until then my friends, give me an update on what is new in your world!

Hello… is anyone there?

24 Jan

This post is a test… let me know if you are listening! Share with me your favorite re-pin from my new favorite site Pinterest!


Or if you have yet to cave into this addictive site, just give me a hello!

Furbaby Friday

11 Feb

Today is all about laughs. I came across this video and had tears I was laughing so much. Enjoy!

How They Look

2 Feb

I came across a free month-long photography e-course this weekend and I decided it would be a good way to work on my photography skills. Put on by Willette Designs, this course is focused on the Joy of Love. It’s not too late to join the e-course, just hop on over to their website or click the link on the right.

Today was day 2 of the course and the focus was How They Look. The prompt was as follows:

Capture your loved one at their best (or at their worst).  Or both.                                What you’re trying to capture is the TRUE essence – expression – attitude – posture that SCREAMS your loved one.

I tried to catch a photo of Zoey sleeping since that is her best. Instead caught her mid stretch. I’ve always wanted a photo of her stretching. I love how she spreads all her toes apart and arches her back like a cat.

If you’d like to keep up with my other entries (since I won’t post them all here), visit the Flickr group. You’ll also be able to see everyone else’s entries as well!

Furbaby Friday

28 Jan

What is your opinion on dressing your furbaby in clothes? Do you dress them in something new every day? Put a scarf around their neck before you head out in the cold?

As a kid, I tormented our dog and dressed her up in old baby clothes all the time. That was, of course, before they made stylish clothes for dogs and cats. I dress Zoey up every once in a while in a bandana or a holiday sweater, but I don’t think she needs an outfit for everyday. Heck I have enough laundry of my own, I don’t need to add Zoey’s clothes to the pile!

Last night while catching up with my Google Reader and my new favorite blog Craft Gossip, I came across this:

And… couldn’t stop laughing. Laughing out loud so much Zoey growled at me because she couldn’t figure out what was happening. The doggie is pretty cute, but you have to admit the collar makes you laugh! Best part of all, it’s recycled! Venture on over to Sew DoggyStyle and check out how you can make a collar for your furbaby!

Furbaby Friday

21 Jan

My good friend Sara posted this video on her Facebook earlier this week. This video of a dog welcoming his soldier home from Afghanistan brought tears to my eyes. I’ll say no more and just let you watch. It says it all.