Christmas Candy or Snowman Poo?

8 Dec


I crossed one item off my Christmas baking list- Divinity. Divinity, for those of you who have never experienced it’s greatness, is a sugar treat. When you bite in, it just melts in your mouth and you get to enjoy it’s awesomeness! (Is that even a word?!?)  My aunt makes it almost every year for our family Christmas get together and I’ve always wanted to try making it myself. This year I decided it was the year, except I came across one small problem. I have a slight fear of the candy thermometer….but I succeeded. I learned you just need to be patient with the thermometer- candy making takes time! I took a few photos along the way…. a few steps are skipped, because you can’t get the camera sticky and belive me, this stuff gets stiiicky! OH and we may change the name to snowman poop, thanks to my brother Matty and his witty comments! It looks like it could be snowman poo though doesn’t it?? 🙂

Darla’s Divinity

3 cups sugar
1/2 cup corn syrup
1/2 cup water
2 egg whites
Stir sugar, syrup and water together over medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Then let it sit and heat to a temp of 248 on the candy thermometer. When the sugar mixture is almost to temperature, beat the egg whites unti they hold stiff peaks (6-8 minutes). Pour 1/2 of the sugar mixture into the egg whites, continually mixing on medium speed. While you mix, let the other 1/2 of the sugar mixture cook to a temp of 272. When that reaches temp, combine with rest of mixture. Mix on medium speed unitl you have soft, glossy peaks. Immediately drop by spoonful onto wax paper. When the drops harden slightly, place in covered container for storage.

Conquering the fear of the Candy Thermometer


One Response to “Christmas Candy or Snowman Poo?”

  1. Kara December 10, 2009 at 9:44 am #

    I vote for Snowman Poo

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