Homemade Oreos

16 Jan

This past week I came across a recipe for Homemade Oreos and decided it was a treat I’d attempt for Valentine’s Day. I just couldn’t wait and made them this weekend.

I only had enough cocoa for half a batch, so I put my math skills to work and halved the recipe. My advice: don’t be lazy, just drive to the store and get more cocoa! Halving the recipe included halving an egg, which an old wives tale says can’t be done! Well it can, simply put the egg in a small container with a lid and shake like crazy. Once the egg is completely combined, measure out 1 1/2 tablespoons and you are good to go- you have half a large egg!

These treats were way easier to make than I imagined they would be, except when it came to frosting them. My advice again: don’t be lazy, find your pastry bags! Generic brand sandwich bags always break, leaving you a mEsS! I frosted them in Green Bay Packers colors since I was headed to a Packers party, which was difficult to do as a die-hard Minnesota Vikings Fan. I guess it’s the price you pay when your team doesn’t show up to play… all season. They were a big hit and will be made again sometime soon!

Be sure to visit My Baking Addiction for the yummy recipe, which I only slightly adapted. I had unsweetened cocoa in the cupboard instead of Dutch processed cocoa. I added a dash of baking soda per ounce of cocoa to compensate for this ingredient swap!


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