How They Look

2 Feb

I came across a free month-long photography e-course this weekend and I decided it would be a good way to work on my photography skills. Put on by Willette Designs, this course is focused on the Joy of Love. It’s not too late to join the e-course, just hop on over to their website or click the link on the right.

Today was day 2 of the course and the focus was How They Look. The prompt was as follows:

Capture your loved one at their best (or at their worst).  Or both.                                What you’re trying to capture is the TRUE essence – expression – attitude – posture that SCREAMS your loved one.

I tried to catch a photo of Zoey sleeping since that is her best. Instead caught her mid stretch. I’ve always wanted a photo of her stretching. I love how she spreads all her toes apart and arches her back like a cat.

If you’d like to keep up with my other entries (since I won’t post them all here), visit the Flickr group. You’ll also be able to see everyone else’s entries as well!


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