Stating the Obvious

24 Jun

I need to update this thing… hopefully will get back in the groove with it soon! 🙂


Here are some quick updates (alot has changed since my last post!)

  • Recently joined Cache Bake Shoppe as their Retail & Marketing Coordinator- Have an birthday, anniversary or need treats just because? Stop by and see me!
  • Zoey is still as crazy as ever- already 4 years old and a joy in my life everyday! Check out my Instagram feed for non-stop photos of her!
  • I’m still lucky enough to call Brent my boyfriend… love him more and more each day (sorry to be mushy but it’s true)
  • Des Moines is home. I never thought I’d live in the big city, but this big city is a small town! I love the quirky little areas, great events and people! Don’t worry friends and family in Armstrong.. I’ll always call you my hometown, who says you can’t have two!
  • Nephew Miles is growing too fast.. get his updates here. He’s practicing my name everyday and I can’t wait until he says “Hey, Vern” when I answer Face Time or see his smiling face! (Nicholas and Kara are great too!)
  • Matty & Dr. Kristen are back in Ames, a town we all love, living with the 2 hounds, the 3 kitties, AND the 2 hens!
  • Mom & Dad are busy with retirement, the lake and Miss Emma, their doodle. She keeps them busy by playing keep me out of the pond daily. (She’s a white doodle,  you can imagine the mess if she swims in the pond- I think the girl is telling them she wants a dye job!)

Check back soon for some real content…. hopefully!


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