Matthew & Kristen

My Brother & His Wife

My Brother & His Wife

  •  Matthew is my little big brother (as I call him). He is the artsy person in the family and the goofball. He is very good with furniture design and currently works for a woodworking company building fancy furniture.
  • Kristen is officially Dr. Obbink, following her graduation from ISU Vet school in May, has a love for animals is working at a small clinic in Farmington, MN.
  • They have quite the zoo at their house, with 2 bassets and 3 cats. Molly Sue and Buster Brown rule the roost, but Chloe, Squirt and Dominoe also keep things exciting around their house in Bloomington.
Squirt, Chloe & Dominoe

Squirt, Chloe & DominoeBuster & Molly


One Response to “Matthew & Kristen”

  1. Maggie J May 29, 2012 at 11:56 am #

    I am hoping you can help me. I am trying to find out where Dr. Obbink is currently practicing. We saw her once with our boxer at the Farmington clinic and she did an exceptional job. Hands down the best vet we have seen. When I called to make a follow up appointment with her they told me she was no longer there. Hoping you can help me get in touch with her so we can bring our dog to whatever clinic she is at. Thanks

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