One Blind Date

Sometimes blind dates work out.

Sometimes you meet an amazing man.

Sometimes you have to thank the friends who set you up. (Thanks Courtney!)

Sometimes you realize you don’t know how you were so happy living life with just your dog.

That sometime is when you look back on the past few months and realize life has really come together.

Here’s our story… one I hope is just writing it’s first chapters.

In this day and age, relationships are hard. It is difficult to find someone who is good-looking, respectable and wanting to get to know you for the right reasons. I think this is why my good friend Courtney had to “trick” me into a blind date late in June 2011. A mini golf outing with her and her husband turned into a group date. It was an interesting group that included my blind date, Brent, and his boss; a couple of Courtney’s former co-workers. The golf game went well, only embarrassing myself a few times. We followed the golf game with some margaritas and Mexican food, my favorite. I’ve got to admit, I was glad Courtney and Tyler were there to help poke fun at me, which helped calm my nerves. Brent must not have had enough margaritas, as the date ended with a awkward handshake… no requests for my number. (He later admitted he was playing hard to get).  Since I have no patience, I sent out a message via twitter explaining I had a great night. I hated having no way to communicate with him, but I am old-fashioned and stubborn, believing a boy should ask for a girl’s number!

A few weeks went by before I finally arranged a second date . Yes, you read that right, I set up our second date. Granted it was a mini golf rematch with the group, but I wanted to see this boy again to make sure my butterflies were for real.  



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