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Furbaby Friday

11 Feb

Today is all about laughs. I came across this video and had tears I was laughing so much. Enjoy!


Furbaby Friday

28 Jan

What is your opinion on dressing your furbaby in clothes? Do you dress them in something new every day? Put a scarf around their neck before you head out in the cold?

As a kid, I tormented our dog and dressed her up in old baby clothes all the time. That was, of course, before they made stylish clothes for dogs and cats. I dress Zoey up every once in a while in a bandana or a holiday sweater, but I don’t think she needs an outfit for everyday. Heck I have enough laundry of my own, I don’t need to add Zoey’s clothes to the pile!

Last night while catching up with my Google Reader and my new favorite blog Craft Gossip, I came across this:

And… couldn’t stop laughing. Laughing out loud so much Zoey growled at me because she couldn’t figure out what was happening. The doggie is pretty cute, but you have to admit the collar makes you laugh! Best part of all, it’s recycled! Venture on over to Sew DoggyStyle and check out how you can make a collar for your furbaby!

Furbaby Friday

21 Jan

My good friend Sara posted this video on her Facebook earlier this week. This video of a dog welcoming his soldier home from Afghanistan brought tears to my eyes. I’ll say no more and just let you watch. It says it all.

Furbaby Friday

15 Jan

I’m a day late, but I’m dedicating Fridays to the furbabies in my life, as well as furbabies in general! Zoey will be jealous she isn’t the first to be featured, but I need to do some image transferring to my external hard drive before I can upload any more pictures to Lightroom. (I think this means I take too many pictures).

This is Emma, my parents new puppy. She’s the newest member of the Obbink Family. She’s a labradoodle, but definitely acts more like a lab! I call her the “annoying little sister I never had” because she insists on tormenting me (in a good way) whenever I see her! Enjoy!

Your Safe Place

23 May

Just over a year ago, Zoey came into my life. Looking back on those first few weeks with my little furball, I never imagined she would ever prefer to be in her kennel. She wined like a little baby when I put her in her kennel. I often gave and in so she always would snuggle into bed with me, which I loved. It then became a fight for my pillow. She liked my space way more than she liked her space.

Things have changed over the last year. These days, the moment we go into my bedroom to go to sleep, Zoey is climbing in her kennel to nestle in for bed. She turns a few circles and moves the fluffy blanket just right and then settles in to sleep. I think it’s her safe place. It it comforting and familiar to her. In that place, she is unbothered and can just relax.

Dogs are a lot like humans. We all have our safe place. The place we go to relax. The place we go when we are sad,  or angry or just want to be alone. My place is my bed. No matter my mood, I feel most relaxed or comforted when I climb into bed. It’s my safe place. The place I go to forget about the stress of the day or the weather outside. It’s where I can let my mind be at ease and it’s the place I feel most safe.

Your place might be different than mine or Zoey’s, but the feeling you get in that place is the same. You are comfortable there. You are unbothered. You can relax. It’s the place you feel most safe.. your safe place.  Where is your safe place?


13 Aug

My little Zoey decided to be a model for me the other night… here are some of the pics!



I made some cupcakes for a bakesale the other day too… they served as very steady models! 🙂


Not your normal trip to the zoo…

13 Jul

Recent Pics 165


Last Wednesday,  some friends and I ventured to the zoo for one of their July events. Every Wednesday night in July you can visit the Blank Park Zoo for Zoo Brew. A night of animals, music and a brew of some sort. They feature local wineries or breweries throughout the month and of course, have the domestic beers and drinks as well. It was a fun night and it gave me the chance to visit a zoo I haven’t been to since I was a child. I was even able to climb in the tunnel to see the prairie dogs, which sadly were not out and about in their habitat due to the loud band play a few feet away. I guess I can’t blame them for hiding all night!

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