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Stating the Obvious

24 Jun

I need to update this thing… hopefully will get back in the groove with it soon! 🙂


Here are some quick updates (alot has changed since my last post!)

  • Recently joined Cache Bake Shoppe as their Retail & Marketing Coordinator- Have an birthday, anniversary or need treats just because? Stop by and see me!
  • Zoey is still as crazy as ever- already 4 years old and a joy in my life everyday! Check out my Instagram feed for non-stop photos of her!
  • I’m still lucky enough to call Brent my boyfriend… love him more and more each day (sorry to be mushy but it’s true)
  • Des Moines is home. I never thought I’d live in the big city, but this big city is a small town! I love the quirky little areas, great events and people! Don’t worry friends and family in Armstrong.. I’ll always call you my hometown, who says you can’t have two!
  • Nephew Miles is growing too fast.. get his updates here. He’s practicing my name everyday and I can’t wait until he says “Hey, Vern” when I answer Face Time or see his smiling face! (Nicholas and Kara are great too!)
  • Matty & Dr. Kristen are back in Ames, a town we all love, living with the 2 hounds, the 3 kitties, AND the 2 hens!
  • Mom & Dad are busy with retirement, the lake and Miss Emma, their doodle. She keeps them busy by playing keep me out of the pond daily. (She’s a white doodle,  you can imagine the mess if she swims in the pond- I think the girl is telling them she wants a dye job!)

Check back soon for some real content…. hopefully!



17 Jan

“Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve.

You don’t have to have a college degree to serve.

You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve.

You only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



Your Safe Place

23 May

Just over a year ago, Zoey came into my life. Looking back on those first few weeks with my little furball, I never imagined she would ever prefer to be in her kennel. She wined like a little baby when I put her in her kennel. I often gave and in so she always would snuggle into bed with me, which I loved. It then became a fight for my pillow. She liked my space way more than she liked her space.

Things have changed over the last year. These days, the moment we go into my bedroom to go to sleep, Zoey is climbing in her kennel to nestle in for bed. She turns a few circles and moves the fluffy blanket just right and then settles in to sleep. I think it’s her safe place. It it comforting and familiar to her. In that place, she is unbothered and can just relax.

Dogs are a lot like humans. We all have our safe place. The place we go to relax. The place we go when we are sad,  or angry or just want to be alone. My place is my bed. No matter my mood, I feel most relaxed or comforted when I climb into bed. It’s my safe place. The place I go to forget about the stress of the day or the weather outside. It’s where I can let my mind be at ease and it’s the place I feel most safe.

Your place might be different than mine or Zoey’s, but the feeling you get in that place is the same. You are comfortable there. You are unbothered. You can relax. It’s the place you feel most safe.. your safe place.  Where is your safe place?

The Big Block

25 Mar

I’ve got that thing they call writer’s block. I’m sure you’ve noticed since it’s been months since my last post. Or maybe I’ve just been trying to thaw out from this insanely long winter. It’s now spring, officially for about a week now. Thank goodness. The sunshine, chirping birds and green grass is so welcome in my book… so welcome!

Stay tuned, I’m hoping to finally write several posts that I’ve been prepared for but haven’t written. What I mean is hopefully I’ll get to posting all the images I’ve taken over the last several months. Don’t hold your breath though… I might get distracted! Until then, enjoy the warming weather.

Snowed In

10 Dec

The Start of the Storm- Tuesday PM

8 AM Wednesday- I'm getting snowed in!

I opened my door to find this...


At Noon it was WORSE!! See my door knob?!?

Our Pretty Wreath had not a chance in the World!

My view out at Noon. Notice the door design in the snow.And 3pm- Still snowed in!

3pm- I think this was as high as it got.

Huge, crazy icicle on my house.

Ace of Cakes

16 Nov

Have you seen the show? I’m quite the fan of cakes and all that comes with them, but I don’t think I could every accomplish some of the crazy cakes they make on the show. So for now… I settled for meeting two of the stars of the show!!! Duff and Mary Alice were at the Food and Wine Expo in Des Moines this past weekend and I was able to meet them and score their autographs.


Duff, Mary Alice and I

The Autographs

Melissa with Duff and Mary Alice


9 Nov

It has become a family tradition to tailgate at the home Iowa State football games. It’s something I look forward to weekly, but every week it reminds me I’m not as young as I’d like to be, AKA I feel old amongst all the young students. Some days I’m glad I’ve grown up and some days it just makes me wish I was back in school. Here are some photos I captured tailgating, more to come soon!



IMG_5936 IMG_5948 


And of course with tailgating there comes game time. Now we may not have the best team, but I love the game atmosphere. I love the fun Cyclone aerobics we do and I enjoy the band.

IMG_5864 IMG_6887 IMG_6092  IMG_5867