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Something to celebrate…

25 Jun


July 1st will mark 365 days of smoke-free air in Iowa– something I think is worth celebrating!! It is so nice to breathe clean air when you go out on the town for dinner or drinks! My co-workers and I at the American Lung Association and the Central Iowa Tobacco-free Partnership have coordinated a great celebration that will take place EVERYDAY of next week. That’s this Sunday, June 28 until Saturday, July 4th. Yep- the whole week. So here’s what you need to do… Visit our website www.tobaccofreepartnership.com. Read the amazing specials and print the page. Then take it to your selected establishment (or to all of them if you’d really like to take advantage of this) Present the ad and tell your server, “I LOVE Smoke-free Iowa!”  and the special is yours! It really is that easy!!!


If you want to celebrate the week in style, visit The Authentic Records Store Online to buy the sweet shirt shown in the picture to the left. The shirts are super comfy and only 20 bucks. My co-workers and I are shown wearing our shirts at our event at the IACubs game last weekend.

And if you are wondering where to get a cute sticker to sport next week, swing by our office just off 73rd and Hickman in Urbandale. We’d be happy to know you love smoke-free Iowa just as much as we do!