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Furbaby Friday

28 Jan

What is your opinion on dressing your furbaby in clothes? Do you dress them in something new every day? Put a scarf around their neck before you head out in the cold?

As a kid, I tormented our dog and dressed her up in old baby clothes all the time. That was, of course, before they made stylish clothes for dogs and cats. I dress Zoey up every once in a while in a bandana or a holiday sweater, but I don’t think she needs an outfit for everyday. Heck I have enough laundry of my own, I don’t need to add Zoey’s clothes to the pile!

Last night while catching up with my Google Reader and my new favorite blog Craft Gossip, I came across this:

And… couldn’t stop laughing. Laughing out loud so much Zoey growled at me because she couldn’t figure out what was happening. The doggie is pretty cute, but you have to admit the collar makes you laugh! Best part of all, it’s recycled! Venture on over to Sew DoggyStyle and check out how you can make a collar for your furbaby!