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Megan & Curt

5 Jun

Here is a handful of the finished engagement pictures I have been previewing over the last few weeks. Enjoy!


A few more peaks..

25 May

I like keeping Curt and Megan wanting more, so I’ve shared a few more pictures with them. Here is your chance to see them. I’m hoping to have them all edited by the end of the holiday weekend. I know they are anxiously waiting to see them. As soon as I show them the pics, I’ll be sure to show you more here. Let me know what you think of these, I’m SO new to editing with Lightroom and could use any pointers anyone has! Enjoy!

A Sneak Peak

23 May

I had the pleasure of taking my friend Megan’s engagement pictures last weekend. It was my first portrait session and it was a challenge for me but fun! It’s a completely new thing for me, I’m much more of a candid photographer (if you can even call me that). Here is a sneak peak at one of Curt and Megan’s photos. More to come soon…