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28 May

I have a love of photography and have been taking quite a few pictures lately! Of course my new little puppy has served as a very good subject for many photos, but I also have documented some other events as well!  Here are a few of the pictures…



19 May
I just finished my first major baking experience by making cupcakes for a coworker’s daughters graduation reception. The cupcakes were vanilla with sprinkles pink and green sprinkles mixed in. I then frosted them with swirled green and pink buttercream.  They turned out great and it was a task. I never thought my hand would make it through the 125th cupcake… it was killing from squeezing the frosting bag. I made it though!!
I also made my first decorated cake… ever! It was meant to be 2 layers, but the 2nd layer fell apart when I was leveling it. So I covered my one layer cake in a marshmallow fondant. It was the first time I worked with fondant and although it was a struggle to knead, I will work with it again because it looks so pretty! My creativity was stretched when it came time to decorate the cake and I ended up going with dots to complement the swirled cupcakes.
The cupcakes and cake were displayed on a tower for the reception and they were a hit! I will definitely be making a decorated cake sometime in the future, but I will need a break before I do cupcakes again! What do you think of how they turned out?? I’d love to hear your thoughts….


10 May

I’ve been without a dog for a little over a year now, since Keilo has grown into a moose and can’t live with me!! I’m bummed that he can’t live with me, but love seeing how much he loves the freedom he has on my parents farm! He still loves his mom and showers me with attention when I visit, but hopefully he will be welcoming to my new little one! After weeks of searching rescues and being rejected for for adoptions, I have found my perfect little one!


Zoey is a 7 week mini labradoodle! I’m so excited to spend everyday with her and see her grow!! It will be fun to see her with Daisee (my parents labradoodle) as she will be a mini version of her!! She is already a wonderful puppy and I enjoy when she likes to cuddle on my lap!! She sleeps for most of her day, but puppies are so cute when they sleep and dream!!