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Furbaby Friday

15 Jan

I’m a day late, but I’m dedicating Fridays to the furbabies in my life, as well as furbabies in general! Zoey will be jealous she isn’t the first to be featured, but I need to do some image transferring to my external hard drive before I can upload any more pictures to Lightroom. (I think this means I take too many pictures).

This is Emma, my parents new puppy. She’s the newest member of the Obbink Family. She’s a labradoodle, but definitely acts more like a lab! I call her the “annoying little sister I never had” because she insists on tormenting me (in a good way) whenever I see her! Enjoy!


Snowed In

10 Dec

The Start of the Storm- Tuesday PM

8 AM Wednesday- I'm getting snowed in!

I opened my door to find this...


At Noon it was WORSE!! See my door knob?!?

Our Pretty Wreath had not a chance in the World!

My view out at Noon. Notice the door design in the snow.And 3pm- Still snowed in!

3pm- I think this was as high as it got.

Huge, crazy icicle on my house.