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Fun with Photos

28 May

 Super cool and easy picture editing website –>Picnik

State Track 2009



<– Here’s a fun picture

           collage I did there












 Here’s another fun one

I made a while back ->










Was doing some google searching today and also came across this site –>  FotoFlexer  It’s pretty similar to Picnik, but it had some different options you didn’t have to pay for.  Here are some pictures I edited! 🙂

popartme           fancyzoey


What A Difference A Year Makes

14 Mar


Last year at this time, I was traveling to Minneapolis to board a plane to head to Jamaica for a week in the sun and the sand. So in honor of all those that are still able to take a spring break, I’ve decided to post some pictures from my last spring break. Enjoy your vacations from school while you still have them. The real world isn’t so kind!